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SourcApp is highly versatile Business Intelligence tool by nature

SourcApp designed and developed to monitor the Sample Development, Purchase Order & Shipment is now capable to Monitor and track any project. The following snapshots highlight some of features of Purchase Order & Project Progress Tracking.

Apparel & Accessories

SourcApp an Apparel management ERP Software

An end-to-end solution for all those in the Apparel & Accessory industry. Starting from Sampling to Shipment which includes Sample Development, Cost Sheet, Product Liberary, Quotation Analysis, Purchase Order Tracking, Internal Test, Quality, Complince & Loyalty License, Performa Invoicing, Complete Export Documentation, Commission Receipts, Claim Settlement & Management. Separate Time & Activity Calendar for Sample Development, Production Purchase Order & Sub TnA for Quality & Inspection too.

Leather Garment, Shoe & Accessories

Raw leather & its sourcing is quite different from apparel. Therefore quantities, Units of Measurement (UoM) also vary from other industries.

Buyers and or Sourcing companies can start tracking even from when the primary / base material is in. A day to day tracking and daily production report (DPR) ensures that all mile stones of the productuon route are met on-time without fail and without compromising the quality and all AQL are well maintained.

Home Furnishings

SourcApp ERP Software for Home furnishings

Home furnishings is such an industry that where not only Units of Measurements (UoMs) are different but number of materials involved e.g. wood, metal, glass, cotton, jute, pvc, etc. have different quality and tests and AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) as well.

Meeting the expectations and maintaining them all at one single platform is one such challenge is successfully handled by SourcApp.

Defence Projects

SourcApp for Defence Project management Business Intelligence tool

There are Defence projects which require monitoring and on-time deliveries. Late deliveries causes compromising with the National Security.

SourcApp can ensure that any projects where the fighter jets, helicopter, Tanks and other important strategic vehicles and ammunition is purchased from other countries and need monitoring by the buyer countries and further to that setting of units such as production of spares after the sales and its monitoring also requires monitoring where not only Time & Activity Calendar but Quality Inspections including training play a vital role. SourcApp allows the stakeholder to track & monitor end-to-end delivery.

Government Projects

SourcApp for Government Project management Business Intelligence tool

The governments have number of tools to monitor different type of projects where Billions & Trillions of exchequer money is involved.

Again huge money of exchequer is wasted when the project sare delayed and no one is found to be answerable.

SourcApp is one such most powerful tool which can monitor the projects of all different nature and Governments do not need to have different monitoring tools to monitor the development.

Involvement of various stakeholders and their participation ensures the responsibility if the project is delayed.

All stakeholders receive the Alerts prior to every mile-stone.

Medical & Education

SourcApp Project management Business Intelligence tool

In a any country continuous development & improvement of medical services and educational institutions are non stop projects.

The governments have to ensure that projects are delivered on time be it a developing country or develped country.

SourcApp being a single monitoring Business Intelligence tool can ensure that respective stakeholders take apprpriate action if any mile stone is likely to be delayed. This will ensure that the citizens get the world class Medical Services & Education as and when required.